Leadership Series


Cultural Diversity Series

The Leadership Series is designed for emerging and established leaders who want to augment their professional development, accelerate their career growth, and inspire others to greatness. We help you eliminate the narratives that are holding you back, and then help you build and embody a leadership narrative that is compelling and authentic – a narrative that is good for you, good for your team, and good for your organization’s bottom line.

To optimize the full potential of our increasingly diverse workforce, each person must feel like they belong. Their lived experiences must be validated, and they must feel like they can bring their whole selves to work. To that end, our Cultural Diversity Series provides a safe space for team members to explore their own and each other’s identities in the context of creating a more innovative and inclusive workplace culture.

Contact us today to learn more about ThirdStory Revolution’s workshop series, see detailed matrices of the modules, and explore how we can move your team or organization forward.

In-Person, Virtual, and Online Coaching


1-on-1 Leadership Coaching

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Online Leadership Course

What are the narratives in your head that are holding you back? What untrue stories do you tell yourself? These stories are affecting your ability to step into your true leadership potential. We all have them – stories that don’t serve us well. And worse, these stories don’t serve our team well either. These false narratives prevent us from inspiring others to greatness, which has a negative impact on business outcomes. Not good.

Coming in the fall of 2019, ThirdStory Revolution will offer a comprehensive Leadership Narrative online course to help leaders of all stages of their career own the powerful nature of their authentic narrative. Step-by-step, our online course will help you identify and eliminate false narratives, construct your authentic leadership narrative, and become a savvy, impactful storyteller in a variety of relevant contexts. All must haves for today’s leaders.

Successful leaders know and live the power of their authentic narrative. Our Leadership Coaching programs are designed specifically for people managers of all experience levels. Reach out to us today to learn more about our 1-on-1 coaching program and upcoming online course and how it can help take your leadership skills to a higher level.