the Story of Thirdstory

We are a creative consultant group that uses strategic storytelling to stimulate leadership development and transform workplace culture. The brainchild of two creatives who deploy imagination and innovation to address organizational dynamics, ThirdStory leverages the power of narrative to help create more energized and inclusive work environments.

Using our patented “E-model,” we engage leaders at every level of the organization to surface values, build stronger relationships, animate team cohesion, unleash creativity, and construct a cohesive story that aligns employees, leaders, and customers. The most powerful story in any organization is not the story we tell ourselves or glean from each other, but the story we build together to create sustainable organizations.

We are storytellers on a mission. Work with us to create a vision that will move your enterprise forward.



meet the Team

Joel Brown: Co-Founder – “The Cultivator”

As an innovator and cultural creative, Joel has worked for over a decade with a variety of organizations, including non-profit organizations, Fortune 500 companies, churches, and institutions of higher learning to build consciousness, capacity, community, and collective esteem. Joel is best known for his critical analysis, creativity, humor, and his ability to build consensus. Joel is viewed as a master communicator and disarming mediator, and is skilled in maximizing communication at all levels throughout an organization.

Joel is a poetic speaker and uses his background as a nationally-recognized artist to create energetic and organic learning laboratories that move people from within. His work with employee groups and executive management teams is designed to be experiential. The result is an experience that is proactive and responsive, philosophical and practical, personal and collaborative, value-added and fun.  

Values: community, freedom, adventure, creativity, passion.

jared karol: Co-founder – “The Architect”

Drawing from his background in teaching, communications, and social entrepreneurship, Jared’s work is rooted in three core elements: collaboration, storytelling, and social impact. A strong believer in the power of listening, Jared has a knack for connecting with others, building trusting relationships, and transforming perspectives that lead to new ideas, inclusive communities, and innovative solutions.

Jared has helped entrepreneurs, startup founders, educators, and business leaders create positive social change by harnessing the power of their authentic stories. Skilled in instructional design, Jared is very intentional about creating immersive and thought provoking experiences that challenge people to think differently. And now with ThirdStory he brings this approach and drive to organizations – using the power of story to transform the way you do business.

Values: inclusion, connection, empathy, equanimity, possibility.